Week Two: Social Networking, Definition, examples, and expectations of INFO506


Source: http://www.geek.com/geek-cetera/social-media-explained-with-donuts-1466613/ by Matthew Humphries

A) Define what social networking is (in your own words)

Social networking can be defined as the ability to communicate ideas through words, photographs, sound, video & mix media to an audience, through a variety of social media platforms, which can take the form of websites and other online technologies, for the purpose of facilitating active discussion and the generation of ideas.

The users of social networking, range from the ordinary person to businesses, which aim to capitalise and promote their services and products through social media, with the purpose of capturing the attention of different market segments.

B) List what social networking technologies and sites you already use (for personal, work and study purposes)

I have used a range of social networking environments. I chat with friends and work colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, which I also use to promote digital images produced from historical photographs uploaded to Flickr. In the past I have used Blogger to create a personal journal where people could leave comments. I have also responded to comments left on the TAFE library blog. I have found work opportunities in the past through LinkedIn, where interested employers have read my resume. I have also used Skype to converse with multiple people in Australia and overseas.

C) Describe what you expect to learn from completing INF506

I am interested in exploring a host of social networking platforms and documenting their features, as well as the different types of interaction they produce between users. I am looking forward to visiting different types of organisations, and observing how they are using social media to improve their organisations, through positive customer service outcomes, to the promotion of services and ideas.

I look forward to improving my report writing, and possibly working in a team to produce the major report. I also look forward to contributing proactively to users’ comments, and posting ideas and links, which other INFO506 users might find userful.

Above all, I am especially excited at the professional outcomes INFO506 will hopefully give me, which I hope to be able to use in my workplace one day.